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Kitchen Extension Electrics

High End Contemporary Installation

A contemporary rear extension to a 5 bedroom Edwardian house in South West London designed by “house works” architects.

The electrical installation consisted of standard floor & wall sockets, 5 electric ovens, including steam oven, garden lights, outside sound system and a new fuse board.

A lighting system controlled by a Futronics Enviroscene digital dimming control panel was used, which allows the user to set the lighting scene to 20 preset levels. There are eleven separate lighting circuits in the kitchen diner including standard down lights, LED floor lights, concealed dimmable fluorescents, lights within the fire place, under unit lights and wall washers etc. Also, 3 electrical blinds. All of the lights and blinds can be pre-set at any level of brightnes in any combination to create a wide variety of moods, all controlled by a small attractive digital switch or by remote control. The fading between moods, just like in nature is a gentle and subtle transition.

One of the many advantages of using digital dimmers like the Futronics ones used here, as oppose to the standard induction type dimmers is that when you dim the lights by 50%, the electricity that you use is reduced by 50%. This is not the case with standard induction type dimmers which divert some electricity and actually use electricity to dim.


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